1. Protecting our freedom, make no mistake how we care for the People of these United States of America, with a strong Military able to thwart off any aggression, and at the same time seeking a peaceable solution to hostility.

2. We must work together as a World Community to protect the lives of innocent people, the merciless killing of innocent people around the world must be brought to a stop by concerned nations, working together, bringing those to trial responsible for those atrocities.

3. Let’s stop the cycle of hunger and homeless across our nation, seriously addressing the Homeless problem across our nation with employment and affordable housing.

4. Jobs with decent wages, job preparation programs to prepare those willing to be employed, and other programs to address those unable to work because of health reasons, across our nation, let us put our nation back to work.

5. Affordable Healthcare without forcing the recipients or providers, a system that is just and fair, and I understand it will take a great deal of time to complete the process.

6.  Environmental concerns necessary for healthy living without destroying the business community.

7. Immigration laws must be enforced with fairness allowing those willing to abide by our laws to become American citizens.

8. I support the idea that a government's legitimacy and moral right to use state power is only justified and legal when consented to by the people or society over which that political power is exercised. 

9. I am against any mandatory Healthcare: When a service becomes mandatory, the price is fixed for increases just like any other service. I am pushing for affordable healthcare instead.

There are ways to provide affordable healthcare, and we must all work together to make it happen.

10. America's Economic Problem and a solution

10.2 Violence across America...
Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.   Ecclesiastes 8:11.

I believe that rapid assault (fully automatic) guns should be reserved to the armed forces.